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Photography: Jack willingham

Photography: Jack willingham

About Us

On 10th March 2016, FRANK Water celebrated its 11th birthday! Our 10th anniversary year is over. And what a year! We made friends, launched campaigns, attended events and more. We visited new projects, published new research and worked with new partners. Oh, and we made a film to say thank you to all of you who've helped make FRANK Water what it is today.  

Our Radio 4 Charity Appeal 

On Sunday 10th July 2016, FRANK Water's first Charity Appeal was broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Voiced by Anita Rani, Countryfile presenter and superstar of Strictly Come Dancing 2015, the appeal is still available to listen again online. Hear the story of Resham, one of the women that we've worked with over the last year - and find out why Anita supports FRANK Water. 

FRANK Water reaches 300 communities

With help from our NGO partners, funders, fundraisers, volunteers, supporters and the communities themselves, FRANK Water reached 26,000 people in 90 villages with safe water and sanitation in 2015-16. Since 2005, we've helped 330,000 people in 300 communities access safe, clean drinking water and sanitation.   

Since 2005, we have provided safe drinking water & sanitation to 325,000 people