Education and Awareness

Education and Awareness

The world’s water is a finite resource. Frank Water’s education and awareness activities inspire children to join the dots between the way we use water in developed countries such as the UK, and the water scarcity that affects other parts of the world. Water security is under threat from population growth and climate change. Whilst developing countries are most at risk, water scarcity is fast becoming a global issue. 

As global citizens, we all have a part to play.  Frank Water aims to inspire and support individuals and organisations to change their mindset and adopt a more sustainable approach to water. 

We do this by educating people so that they understand the challenges and are inspired to find solutions.


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Inspiring children about the impact water has for people and planet

Frank Water has partnered with Earth Cubs who create content for kids (3-11 year olds), parents and teachers.  Together, with our Knowledge Partners Arup and Xylem, we have created some amazing videos and lesson plans to inspire children about the impact water has on people and the planet.

Bringing together real-life footage and Earth Cubs cool characters, this unique educational storytelling makes planet-saving exciting, entertaining, and achievable.

Meet Sangita and discover why girls in developing countries like India are affected by water inequality. Learn how epic water is for our planet and understand what virtual water is!

The first video in this series is Water is EVERYWHERE!

The Frank Water and Earth Cubs collaboration is proudly supported by knowledge partners Xylem and Arup.

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