“I have more time to study, and more privacy too.”

“I have more time to study, and more privacy too.”

Phoolvani Naik is 18 years old and a member of the Bagata tribal community. She lives in Majhi Ukhura village in Odisha, East India where women and girls like Phoolvani would spend around two hours a day collecting water from unsafe sources.

Waterborne diseases such scabies, diarrhoea and typhoid were prevalent, and there was nowhere safe or private to wash or go to the toilet.  With our partners, we’ve worked with Majhi Ukhura community to ensure that every household in the village now has a safe water supply, a toilet and somewhere private to wash.

For girls like Phoolvani, this means not only better health, but the opportunity to live and learn with dignity.

“I don’t need to rush to fetch water before and after school. I have more time to study and more privacy too.” 

Phoolvani Naik, Majhi Ukhura village, India

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