Refill Services

Refill Services

Why Refill?

Wherever we are, refilling a bottle or cup with tap water is one of the simplest ways to minimise our impact on the environment. Refilling reduces plastic pollution, saves water and encourages us all to better look after the world’s most precious resource.

Refill for festivals

We launched our groundbreaking Refill Service for Festivals in 2010. Since then, we’ve been to 77 festivals and served more than 600,000 refills of chilled, filtered tap water.

Our service includes manned refill kiosks and mobile units that dispense chilled, filtered water to thirsty festival-goers! We tailor our service to fit your festival.

Refill for restaurants

Our Refill Service for restaurants is simple. Cafés, bars and restaurants provide unlimited tap water to their customers in exchange for a voluntary donation to Frank Water that’s added to the bill. We support you and provide regular updates on how your customers drinking your water, have helped save lives.

Refill for conferences and corporate events

We offer a range of different refill solutions for conferences and corporate events, from roaming mobile units to plumbed-in water coolers plus company-branded refill bottles and flasks.

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