Refill for festivals

Refill for festivals

Reduce waste, keep your visitors hydrated and support our charity.

We’ve been refilling since 2010! Our purpose-built, hand painted refill kiosks and mobile Frank Tanks serve unlimited refills of chilled, filtered water, keeping visitors hydrated and reducing plastic waste and recycling.

Why have Frank Water at your festival?

Staffed by experienced team members and friendly and fully-trained volunteers, our festival refill service is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of your event, enhance your offering and support safe water projects. Every penny of profit from sales of our refill bottles and wristbands funds safe water, sanitation and hygiene for communities across the world. 

“Frank Water is part of our festival experience. We don’t bring water, but pay for a bottle on day one and refill all weekend with lovely chilled, filtered water. We stay hydrated, create no waste and get to chat to the lovely, bright and friendly staff. Thank you!”

Rachel, Katy, Imogen and Pip (End of the Road)
Chloe and Drews volunteers at Bearded Theory 2024

How does it work?

Our service includes manned refill kiosks and mobile units that dispense chilled, filtered water to thirsty festival-goers! We tailor our service to fit your festival. All we need is a pitch and access to electricity and water and we’ll do the rest. We’re fully insured, have the appropriate risk assessments in place and provide our refill team with comprehensive health, safety and hygiene training. 

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