Partner with Us

Partner with Us

Help change lives with safe water

We work with businesses of all sizes and across all sectors to develop partnerships that inspire staff, attract great publicity, create healthy, happy workplaces and enable us to continue our life-saving work.

We are passionate about helping our forward-thinking corporate partners to become sector-leaders in environmental and social governance (ESG). Through knowledge transfer and charitable donations, you can demonstrate real social impact.

Are you looking to become B-Corp certified or enhance your ESG? Seeking new opportunities for your business to drive environmental change?

Contact Lizzie in the corporate partnerships team at Frank Water and explore prospects that will benefit your business and make a vital difference.

Take a few minutes to read our latest blogs ‘Unravelling ESG & B Corp’, and ‘How & Why businesses can drive environmental change‘ to help you navigate your way through this journey.

“Frank Water’s work is so much more than just digging wells and installing hand pumps. Pieminister has been supporting Frank Water largely by raising funds through a discretionary donation in return for tap water in our restaurants. And also through sales of our vegan lager, Pieminister 5%. For our restaurant customers to be reminded just how fortunate we are in the UK to have safe drinking water ‘on-tap’ while raising funds for those without this life-saving resource just makes sense.”

Romany Simon, Head of Press, Pieminister
The Rainmaker Club

Partner with us and you’ll join the Frank Water Rainmaker club – an exciting, inspiring and supportive network of passionate, powerful and like-minded businesses that want to help change lives with safe water. A partnership with Frank Water means personal interaction with our team, a direct line of sight to the work that you’re supporting and real opportunities to engage and inspire your staff. 

Make your products stand out from the crowd

Give your products the edge by a tie-in with charity. Donating a percentage of profits from one or more products is something worth shouting about to customers and staff, and an easy way to support a good cause. Head to our shop to see how your product could help change lives.  

Engage your staff

From curry lunches to bake sales to paddleboarding tournaments and other sporting challenges, staff fundraising is great for team building, engagement, recruitment and retention. Partner with Frank Water for lots of different ways to engage your team.


“We chose Frank Water as our official charity as not only are they local to us but they provide clean, safe drinking water to the same areas of India that supply us with our wonderful spices. It seems only right and fair that the people helping us provide our products should be helped by us in return with getting something as simple as water to drink.”

Lara Light-McKelvaney, Bart Ingredients

Match fund an appeal

Every year, Frank Water runs two match funded charity appeals – where we offer our supporters the chance to make twice the difference and double their donation. By pledging to match-fund one of our annual appeals, your donation can change twice as many lives.

Contact Katie to talk about match funding one of Frank Water’s fundraising appeals.  

Get your name out there

Sponsor a Frank Water event and you’ll get your name and logo in front of dozens of different businesses as well as ensuring that every penny we raise from the event goes straight to providing safe water, sanitation and hygiene to people that are most in need. Contact Lizzie to ask about sponsoring an event. 

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving or Give As You Earn (GAYE) is a scheme that enables employees to donate to any UK charity straight from their gross salary (before tax is deducted).

Offering Match Giving is a powerful and popular way of encouraging employees to sign up to Payroll Giving. As a company, you make donations to match the contributions of your staff – potentially doubling the money that will provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene for marginalised communities.

Drink Frank Water

Stock our bottled water in recycled glass bottles

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