Frank Water launches competition to inspire Bristol children to learn about water conservation

Frank Water launches competition to inspire Bristol children to learn about water conservation

Frank Water, in partnership with global sustainable development consultancy Arup, is excited to launch a writing competition for primary schools and libraries in Bristol to win a half-day workshop with renowned author, Catherine Barr.

They’ve also provided a complimentary copy of the book – ‘WATER: Protect Freshwater to Save Life on Earth’ by Catherine Barr and illustrated by Christiane Engel, to all primary schools and libraries in Bristol. 

It is with great pleasure that together, Frank Water and Arup are offering this essential resource as part of their joint initiative to promote water education and environmental consciousness among young people. This book holds significant value in educating and inspiring young minds about the importance of protecting our freshwater resources.  

To enter the competition, students need to submit a story around a character or scene in the book, between 200-500 words by Friday 3rd November 2023. The winning entry will be judged by a panel, including author Catherine and illustrator, Christiane Engel.

The winning submission will be awarded the prize of a half-day workshop with Catherine, and she will visit the school (or library) and conduct an interactive session asking children to get involved and explore the issues inspiring her book.  This session will further deepen children’s knowledge about water-related issues and inspire them to take action within their communities.

Sophie Porfirio, Head of Development at Frank Water said:  “Water is the basis of all life on our planet and we want to empower the next generation with the understanding of how important it is to protect our most valuable resource, so that they can actively engage in being part of the solution. As part of our UK programme of inspiring activities to join the dots between the way we use water here in the UK, and water scarcity that affects other parts of the World, we are delighted to be working with Arup with this initiative.  It’s an opportunity to engage and encourage pupils to learn in a fun and interactive way, and learn more about water conservation”.

Shaun Hartley, Arup’s Bristol Officer Leader said: “Working with clients around the world and across all aspects of the water cycle, we see the profound impact of water management on wider local issues like economic development, food and agriculture, community and energy use.  We hope that by supporting children in Bristol to learn more about the way we manage this crucial resource, we may help to inspire the next generation to make a positive impact in the future”.

Frank Water is a Bristol-based charity, committed to improving access to safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene education for the most marginalised communities across the world.  They firmly believe that water is a fundamental human right, and their vision is of a future where everyone, everywhere has access to resilient water resources for generations to come.

Arup has partnered with Frank Water since 2016, working together on various local and international projects focused on water security, water supply, and capacity building.

Find out more about the competition here.