Building partnerships for collective action

Building partnerships for collective action

The water crisis affects many tens of millions of people across the globe.

If we have any hope of helping all of these people, governments, corporations and charities will need to collaborate and work together.

With this in mind, Frank Water has built relationships and partnerships with companies such as the H&M Foundation and Arup to facilitate collective action around issues such as tribal access to water supply and promotion of sustainable water supply through integrated water resource management (IWRM).

Collective action, where a number of organisations agree to collaborate to move forward knowledge and capability in a specific area, is particularly needed in the water sector, where a complex system of influences can lead to little or no access to water for many millions of people. 

Since 2017, we have worked with ARUP on a project called WASH Basins, where we have collaborated with two of the most forward thinking NGOs in India, PSI and Samerth, and global engineering company ARUP. As a small team, we have been working to understand how water management techniques can be shared across local government and NGO workers, who are responsible for helping communities assess and plan their water needs.

Together, we created the WASH Basins toolkit and award winning WASH Connect app, that demonstrates a six stage process for assessing and planning water supply projects.  

Facilitating collective action to move forward issues such as IWRM is a core element of Frank’s understanding of how the whole water sector can move forward and how we can, together, make an impact on the water crisis.