Issue-based advocacy

Issue-based advocacy

Over the last 15 years, Frank Water has helped more than 400,000 people improve their lives through better access to water and toilets infrastructure.

However, it has become obvious from experiences elsewhere, that toilets don’t get used if they aren’t accompanied by advocacy and education to help persuade people that hygienic and sanitary behaviour is a key element of improving their lives. 

At Frank, we call this ‘issue based advocacy’ and we focus on two main areas:

We hold workshops and trainings with communities that have a custom of open defecation and are not accustomed to using toilets. Workshops are facilitated by our local partner staff who understand the behavioural reasons that open defecation is prevalent and focus on methodologies such as Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS).

We hold workshops and training with local communities that focus on the various areas of personal and domestic hygiene behaviours that are known to cause the spreading of disease. Examples of this include education on menstrual hygiene management (MHM), food and water storage and animal husbandry.