Rooftop rainwater harvesting in urban India

Rooftop rainwater harvesting in urban India

Salim Khan lives with his wife and four children in Islam Nagar, an urban slum in Agra. They have no access to safe water and sanitation. 25 years ago the family home had its own hand pump that provided a good supply of clean, safe, pleasant-tasting ground water. Since then, the groundwater level has fallen dramatically and as a result the water quality is poor and the hand pump no longer works.

Salim and his neighbours are forced to buy the water they cook with, wash with and drink, from privately owned water tankers, at high prices. Water has more than doubled in price over the last few years and costs are even higher during the Summer. The water supply is inconsistent and often unsafe to drink.

With our partners, we’ve supported Salim to build a water tank on his roof that can collect and store rainwater. Today he is the proud owner of a water tank that holds up to 5000 litres – enough to last him and his family for up to four months. During the dry season, Salim is able to buy and store water in the tank, saving him and his family money, time and energy.

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