Water literacy for the next generation of UK children

Water literacy for the next generation of UK children

Water security is a global issue that affects us all.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve focused on providing access to safe water, good hygiene and sanitation for communities overseas. In 2020, we launched our programme in the UK that aims to educate and inspire us all to better look after the world’s most precious resource.

Building on a pilot project, we developed Water for the World – a series of interactive workshops for primary schools (KS2) that we took into six Bristol schools in March 2020. We timed the workshops to tie in with World Water Day and National Science Week. 

Based on learnings from our work in India and Nepal, our workshops teach children about the threat that water scarcity presents to all of us and how we can solve these problems. 

Supported by a Frank Water ambassadors, we recruited a team of 26 professional STEM volunteers from Bristol firms Arup and Stantec to help deliver the workshops. With practical demonstrations and workshops, plus additional follow-on exercises for the school, this programme offered an entire day of engaging activity, linked to the science and geography curriculum.

Kids work together to filter, store and transport water.

The involvement of professional STEM volunteers gave the children the added opportunity to learn about the role of engineering in building WASH solutions, helping to broaden their horizons, raise aspirations and enhance their career-related learning.  

young boy in UK school uniform, smiling, holds up jerry can filled with water
can you carry 15 litres of water?