Using mobile technology to improve water security

Using mobile technology to improve water security

Poor water management is one of the main contributing factors to the WASH crisis, along with climate change and a growing population.

Effective water management relies on understanding the situation and how it can be improved. Despite this, there is no internationally agreed framework for how water is managed at a community level. To address this gap, we’ve spent four years working in two states in central India, analysing the ways in which NGOs can best provide water and sanitation to tribal communities. Together with our strategic partner Arup, we’ve used this knowledge to create the WASH Connect Platform.

What is WASH Connect?

WASH Connect is an award-winning mobile app and toolkit which educates and trains local communities and governments to create their own water security plan.  The water security plan is a central document used by communities and local governments across the world. It holds all the data, evaluations and planning proposals for improving water and sanitation in a particular area or district. WASH Connect guides users through a six stage process from data collection, to implementation and maintenance to produce a water security plan they can present to the local government for funding.

Not only does WASH Connect app reduce inaccuracies and potential for human error when collecting data, it allows for better data evaluation so the project team have a true representation of the information needed to create an impactful plan of action.

Now, the WASH Connect toolkit is a globally applicable tool. It has improved the way we collect and manage data across all of our projects and provided a framework for water management at a local level which we’ll replicate across India, into Nepal and beyond.


The WASH Basins toolkit is available in two versions – for use in India, and across the world.


40 communities in India have a water-secure future thanks to WASH Connect


WASH Connect app and toolkit has been shortlisted for three awards.

We’re proud that the WASH Basins toolkit and app has won awards and gained interest from both governments and other NGOs in the WASH sector.  The WASH Connect project was shortlisted in several categories at the Better Society Awards 2018 and 2020. In 2020, the WASH Connect app was named one of the most inspiring digital innovations by the Spindle