Are you Water-Wise?

COP26, Water and Frank Water

COP26 presents an occasion to focus on the importance of water in discussions and action around climate change. At Frank Water, our vision of ‘Water For Life’ has steered our efforts towards projects in the water sector that help people, communities and countries adapt to and alleviate the impact of the climate crisis. Depleting water resources and the impact of anthropogenic activities has left a significant number of people marginalised, excluded and vulnerable to climate change. Our work responds to these exclusions.

On the sidelines of COP26, we bring together a series of short, useful articles that dig deep into the relationship between water and our climate. We’ll highlight the ways that climate change is felt through water, how this impacts on our world and how Frank Water’s work plays a part in reducing this impact for the better.

In the countries we work in – India, Nepal and the UK, we have built a network of professionals, researchers and civil society professionals who come together to contribute to the challenges we face, with sustainability, ecosystem health and access to water resources. On a global scale, our projects can be seen as small scale pilots that test and stabilise innovative approaches to solving the water crisis. Here are two examples from our current work and our work in the pipeline.

At Frank Water, climate change adaptation and mitigation is intrinsic to our work. We’re focussed on using nature-based solutions to build a water-secure world.