According to the World Health Organisation (WHO, 2012), every £1 spent on water and sanitation will generate at least four times that amount through increased productivity.     

Just Add Water 

Just Add Water is our monthly giving programme that means a small donation made every month can have a big impact. We've been changing lives since 2005 and with a regular, reliable source of income, we can provide safe drinking water and sanitation to many more thousands of families. And, to say thank you for Just Adding Water, we'll send you a FRANK Water Refill Bottle and a copy of our Annual Report. 

Make a single donation

Make a donation to FRANK Water today and help us reach more people with safe, clean drinking water and sanitation. Over ten years, we've provided more than 300,000 people in 210 communities with taps and toilets. Safe Water Saves Lives. Give clean water today.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Donate Offline 

You can send cheques made payable to FRANK Water Projects, to: the Fundraising Team, FRANK Water, 11 Elmdale Road, Bristol BS8 1SL