WASH Services in Health Centres in Nepal – Summary & Learnings

WASH Services in Health Centres in Nepal – Summary & Learnings

Throughout the COVID crisis of 2020 – 21, health centres across the world have been under pressure like never before. A World Health Organisation (WHO) report in 2020 identifies major global gaps in WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) services: one third of health care facilities do not have what is needed to clean hands where care is provided; one in four facilities have no water services, and 10% have no sanitation services.

In 2021, Frank Water worked with Nepalese NGO (non-governmental organisation), Lumanti, to conduct a baseline survey of 31 health centres across the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Due to COVID restrictions, surveys were conducted via telephone interviews with Health Centre managers and local Ministry of Health employees.

The results of the survey demonstrate that there are serious issues regarding the provision of health services in Nepal that reflect global trends in health provision across lower and middle income countries.

A healthcare facility in rural Nepal
Bringing safe water, sanitation and hygiene services to Healthcare facilities in Nepal

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