Refill Bristol-Beyond FreeFill!

Refill Bristol-Beyond FreeFill!

Our FreeFill team, Annie & Hamish, talk about a project to take refills out of the world of festivals, and into the city!

Our FreeFill initiative has helped to transform the way people drink water at festivals and events. We have had brilliant feedback from festival-goers saying they use their bottles all year round – taking them to work / school, the gym, and cycling. FreeFill is helping generate a movement, a change in behaviour towards refilling!

FreeFill was first developed in 2010, after our Founder and CEO Katie, launched the Turn Me On Campaign – which aimed to get Bristol’s historic water fountains reinstated. We are extremely pleased that 5 years on, Bristol has a free drinking water fountain in Millennium Square. Here in the U.K, we’re lucky to have access to delicious, safe drinking water available on tap wherever we go – so let’s use it!

In Bristol’s year as European Green Capital, we have teamed up with newly formed campaign group City to Sea, who are looking at what can be achieved at a city level – to reduce the amount of waste reaching our waterways and making its way out to sea, as well as Go Green Business, who are supporting businesses in the city make positive changes for a more sustainable future. Together we have launched the Refill Bristol initiative, which will mean Bristolians (and our cities visitors) can fill their water bottles for free with tap water from venues across the city!

You can check us out, strutting our stuff, in one of the Refill Bristol “flask” mobs here – Just think flash mob but with more bottles!

Finally – if you haven’t yet got a refillable water bottle yet – please support our safe water programmes and buy one here.

Have a good weekend all (& don’t forget your bottle!).

Over and out.

Hamish & Annie