Water & Sanitation Through Poetry & Practical Engineering! 

Get your school involved in FRANK Water's New Cross-Curricular Project 

Developed in partnership with the UK’s green poet Martin Kiszko, qualified teachers, and Arup engineering, this exciting new project explores water, sanitation and environmental issues in the developing world, all set in your school’s curriculum.

The backdrop is Martin’s epic poem, King Frank and the Knights of the Eco-Quest. The project includes workshops, lesson plans, class presentations, resources and activities across several subjects, including: Literacy & Poetry, PSHE, Design & Technology and STEM. 

Each workshop/activity is designed for up to 30 children at any one time, and is aimed at school years 5-7. We recommend you allow a full term to complete the project, although this is flexible. 

Part 1: One school day

  • PresentationLiteracy & Geography

An introduction to the story of FRANK Water by a member of FRANK Water staff with some interactive challenges!  

  • Presentation: Global Citizenship, PSHE

Martin Kiszko introduces King FRANK and the Knights of the Eco Quest, the characters, the plot & explains “what is an epic poem?”  

  • Activity: Literacy

In pairs, children write their own poems with guidance from Martin and teachers

Part 2 : half a school term (flexible)

Class activity: Literacy, PSHE

  • Read the full epic poem as a class/as homework
  • Deliver FRANK Water Lesson Plans 1- 4


Part 3: One school day

  • Workshop: Global Citizenship, STEM

Water for the World of King FRANK. Hands-on interactive workshop, inviting children to solve water and sanitation issues for different countries with different levels of resources. Builds an understanding of ‘appropriate technology’, and how sustainable solutions depend on the wider physical, social and economic conditions

  • Workshop: STEM, D&Q

Moving water. Hands-on interactive workshop, allowing children to explore the difficulties associated with moving water from safe sources to where it is needed

  • Workshop: STEM, D&T

Building bridges, crossing rivers. Fun hands-on interactive workshop, allowing children to explore the best way of building a bridge from very basic materials – with a significant competitive element!


    Other school activities! 

    • Exhibition. Showcase your feats of engineering to parents and governors! 
    • End of term play. Perform a whole-school production of King FRANK & the Knights of the Eco-Quest! It’s written as a stage play with teachers’ notes so easy to do! 
    • Fundraising. Support Bristol’s water charity, reuse your plastic water bottles as money boxes and slot in your loose change. 
    • Build a landfillersaurus! Made out of rubbish, the knights must slay this monster to get to the safe water source. How will your school interpret the beast and what will they build? 
    “Working with FRANK Water & Martin Kiszko (the UK’s Green Poet) was a brilliant experience for our older KS2 children. Not only did they take part in interactive poetry workshops, learn about different verse forms and write their own poems but Martin’s story - King FRANK & the Knights of the Eco-Quest (written in the form of an epic poem) really highlighted the issues around climate change and the global water crisis in a unique and easy to understand way, which we further explored with the lesson plans FRANK Water provided. And...we fundraised over £250 for FRANK Water, filling recycled plastic bottles with spare change! A clever idea that’s super simple and fun for children to do.” Nicky Ricketts (St John’s Primary School, Bristol)

    For further information or to sign up to be part of the Project (and King Frank and the Knights of the Eco-quest) get in touch!

    T: 0117 329 4846 E: claire@frankwater.com