World Water Day Appeal 2024

World Water Day Appeal 2024

World Water Day takes place on 22 March and this year’s theme is ‘Water for Peace’. When we cooperate on water, we create a positive ripple effect – fostering harmony, generating prosperity, and building resilience to share challenges. We must act upon the realisation that water is not only a resource to be used and competed over – it’s a human right, intrinsic to every aspect of life. This World Water Day, we all need to unite around water and use water for peace, laying the foundations of a more stable and prosperous tomorrow.

Frank Water’s World Water Day Appeal, Peace Flows will run from midday 20 March to midday 27 March, and you can take part in this match-funding appeal, and help us reach our target of £30,000. Any donations made during this time will be doubled, thanks to our amazing supporters including Blue Sky Botanics.

Your donation will enable us to provide clean water to those facing community conflict in India, Nepal, and Kenya. It will help us facilitate long-term peace and stability, with decent sanitation and good hygiene.

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Frequently asked questions

What is match funding?

Match funding doubles the good things that your donation can make happen. We have asked our corporate partners and philanthropists to match any donations made by others during the week of this appeal, and they have agreed to do this up to a total of £15,000. This means we can potentially raise £30,000 this week, which will have an enormous impact on the people we work with.

How will my money be spent?

The funding will help us to keep families safe from disease and ensure that the hardest-to-reach communities have a sustainable, supply of safe, clean water. In addition to this, our work boosts local biodiversity and protects the vital water sources that are under threat due to the impact of the climate crisis.

How much of my donation is used for charity administration?

For every £1 you give, 79p is spent on delivering safe water, decent sanitation, and good hygiene to communities. 21p is spent on fundraising costs, so we can reach more people in the future. 

How do you know that the water supplies will leverage peace in the communities Frank Water supports?

International water aid has come a long way since the installation of pumps by teams from other countries. Our projects are community-owned and community-led, with a forward-looking water security plan. The solutions we recommend are created through collaboration and in consultation with the community members themselves, they tend to be nature-based, rather than engineered, meaning that they are easy to maintain and protect the watershed for the long term.