FRANK Water is part of our festival experience. We don’t bring water, but pay for a bottle on day one and refill all weekend with lovely chilled, filtered water. We stay hydrated, create no waste and get to chat to the lovely, bright and friendly staff. Thank you!
— Rachel, Katy, Imogen and Pip (End of the Road, 2013)

FreeFill - FRANK Water's Festival Drinking Water Service

FRANK Water provide the public with unlimited refills of filtered, chilled water when they purchase a FreeFill bottle or FreeFill wristband. We sell Classic FRANK Water bottles (500ml) made from BPA free plastic and also Stainless Steel FRANK Water bottles (532ml and 800ml) produced by Klean Kanteen. Festival-goers refill throughout the festival from one of our fixed FreeFill marquees or FRANK Tanks!

100% of profit is donated to our charity. We're a certified Social Enterprise and a member of the national trade body, Social Enterprise UK.  We are very pleased to have been shortlisted for the Green Festival Supplier Award 2017!

FreeFill 2017!

Please email to book FRANK Water's FreeFill service for your music festival!

Download a pdf about FreeFill here.

FreeFill 2016

During 2016, we sold almost 10,000 bottles at 10 music festivals! At WOMAD, we had four marquees providing filtered and chilled water all over the site, as well as two roving mobile units to keep people hydrated in the crowd.


From the 1st of April 2017, you can complete the FRANK Water Volunteer Application Form here

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