Frank Water’s Covid-19 response 2020 – 21: A learning note

Frank Water’s Covid-19 response 2020 – 21: A learning note

Covid-19 has raged across the world and affected all countries in some way. This has been no different in India and Nepal, where Frank Water has been working for 15 years. Some 32 million people have been infected in India, with 433,000 dying. In Nepal, there have been 737,000 cases and more than 10,000 deaths.

Health centres and hospitals in both countries have been badly affected by an absence of trained staff and equipment compounded by an unwillingness of the population to visit health care facilities for fear of contracting Covid-19.

In many ways, Frank Water’s focus on water, sanitation and hygiene has made us a well positioned organisation, with the skills, experience and connections to respond quickly and effectively to help thousands of people.

Throughout the first and second waves of the pandemic, Frank Water worked with our partners in India and Nepal to focus on four activities that had been locally identified as the priority to assist local health workers and improve local facilities.

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