What we do

What we do

1 in 10 of us has no clean water.

Our vision is of a global water system where everyone, everywhere can access safe drinking water, toilets and good hygiene.

Thanks to you, we can bring safe water, toilets and good hygiene to marginalised communities, we can research new ways to improve water security, and we can campaign for action to address the water crisis. 


We work with local partners in India and Nepal to bring safe water, sanitation and hygiene to communities that are hardest to reach.

We make sure our projects last by focussing on water management not just water supply. In the UK, we educate and empower people to adopt a more sustainable approach to water.


We work with partners in the UK and overseas, to carry out research into behaviours and technologies that affect access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

We share what we’ve learned and use it to recommend changes to policy that will improve the global water crisis.  


We use our projects as evidence to push for the systems change that’s needed for a water-secure world. We advocate to local governments to fund safe water for more people.

We share our research with state-level decision-makers and we campaign for the UK government to do more to address the global water crisis.       

Refill services

Wherever we are, refilling a bottle or cup with tap water is one of the simplest ways to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our refill services for festivals, restaurants and events, reduce plastic pollution, save water and encourage us to better look after the world’s most precious resource.

Change lives with safe water

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