Big Change...

Vin2o has worked with FRANK Water for nearly two years. Vin2o import and sell great wine, working with smaller producers, who are passionate about wine-making, and who look after the environment. For every bottle of wine they sell, they donate 25p to FRANK Water. Here, Chris Coles, Founder of Vin2o explains why he supports FRANK Water.    

Did you use your phone to order your lunch today? Or park your car? Or pay for your coffee? There’s nothing inherently wrong with doing any of these things. The world seems to be offering us more and more ways to save a minute here, or a few seconds there, or to free us from the burden of remembering this or that, all in the name of convenience and progress.

For me the problem with this is that a lot of bright, talented people are using their skills and creativity to fix really small problems, often problems we didn’t know we had. After all, before we could pay for coffee with our phones we all still managed to pay for our coffee.

What if all that enthusiasm and intelligence could be used to try and fix a big problem? What if instead of fixating on marginal gains and increments of convenience we committed to fixing something huge? What if we poured our abilities and time into something that would make a fundamental difference to people’s lives? 

The thing is that “big change” seems difficult. It seems like the preserve of experts, or scientists or nobel-prize winners. But I disagree. Big change can be achieved by anyone who points their energy and talent in the right direction. 

When I decided to start a business I knew I wanted to aim for big change rather than marginal gain. The goal of the business is simple, create great wine and use the profit to help fund clean water projects. One of the advantages of have a clear goal is that suddenly a lot of other elements become easier. We only work with producers who are passionate about wine making and care about the environment. Our latest range wines are a pair of Organic Spanish wines made by a family producer is Spain whose winery is 100% powered by renewable energy.

Our new red is a Garnacha Tintorara, a variety native to Almansa in southern Spain where it is produced. It’s deep red and full of summer fruit and sour cherry flavours. Our new white is a Verdejo-Sauvignon blend, a crisp fresh white full of lime, pear and tropical fruit.


When you’ve got a clear goal and a great product all you need is great customers. That’s why were listed in places like The Ethicurean, The Yeo Valley Canteen and Novel Wines.

I also needed a charity partner that can make Big Change happen and that’s why I support FRANK Water. They have provided safe water to over 330,000 people across India and that’s BIG CHANGE. That’s people being healthy, that’s children going to school, that’s women freed from drudgery, that’s dignity for all. Every bottle of wine we sell helps to fund the vital work that FRANK does. Our wine won’t save you time, or make your existence easier, but for someone else it could be life changing, and I’ll drink to that.

You can be among the first to taste Vin2o’s new bottles at FRANK Water’s Karma Comedy night – along with our friends at Novel Wines, we’re kicking off proceedings with a wine-tasting reception, to be followed by a feast from Thali Café and laughs from award-winning comedian Ahir Shah. Tickets are just £40 – and every penny of profit funds FRANK Water’s work.

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