A Real Iron Man

On Monday 26th October at 10am, Fundraiser, FRANK Friend, businessman, sleep deprivation expert and all round hero, Gareth Sanders will switch on his iron. He won't switch it off again until Friday, 30th October at 2pm. That's 100 hours later.   

Gareth practises his technique 

Gareth practises his technique 

The Guinness Book of Records recognises Australian Janette Hastings of Tumbarumba, New South Wales, as the current record holder for the longest ironing marathon. Janette lasted 80 hours between April 1 and 4, 2012, ironing a whopping 1,157 items during her attempt, including jeans, shirts and shorts. 

Gareth is aiming to smash the record by ironing continuously for 100 hours.

To ensure he completes the record Gareth thinks he will need around 1,500 items to iron. Guinness Book of Records rules dictate if he runs out of items to iron, or the iron breaks the attempt is void. 

Here, he lets us in on the secrets of his (surefire) success as he prepares for his attempt to break the world record for...ironing:

'So sleep - as from Tuesday (today - I  can't wait) I start 'banking' sleep. This means I'll be in bed by 9pm most nights sleeping through as late as possible and over the weekend I will have a relaxing few days with a couple of long bike rides to burn off any anxiety to help me sleep in the evening.

That said, I'm getting better at coping with sleep deprivation. Two days ago I felt shattered so napped for no longer than 90 seconds and felt really refreshed which proves the method is working. 

Food wise - I'm aiming to stick to fatty foods as these release energy more slowly -  I'm always aware of the inevitable crash after coffee, sugar or energy drinks to keep me going during the event so I'll try and stick to more savoury than sweet food. 

I'll be creating my meals for the week which will be sandwiches and fruit bars made and stored for my parents to bring me down once a day, but once again staying away from sugary drinks so mainly naturally flavoured water (straight from my FRANK Water bottle of course...!)  

I know myself well - and I know I'll get very nervous that I've missed something important so I will check everything every night even though I know I've got everything covered.

It's really hard for me to describe accurately how I start to feel, the nerves are definitely starting to show - as I know that in under 168 hours, I'll have already made a dent into the event. The times i'm most looking forward to are 10 hours in (I'll have completed 10%!) 50 hours (half way) 80 hours (new world record) and 90 hours (so very very close!)'

Gareth needs your help to break the world record for ironing and raise money for FRANK Water.  

Be a Witness!  

(To break a world record, Gareth must have at least two witnesses with him at all time even through the night!) 

Bring him your ironing!

If Gareth runs out of things to iron, the challenge is over. He estimates he'll need around 1500 items to iron. He'll do everything - sheets, duvet covers, pants, socks, shirts, you name it. Save up your ironing and take it to Asda, Patchway, Bristol. He'll be there from Monday 26th October at 10am until 2pm on 30th October. NON-STOP.