Rickshaw Run Autumn 2013 - it begins...

Would you ever consider crossing India in something that has not got much more power than a lawn mower? No...not many people would except for the intrepid adventurists currently wobbling their way 2700 kms from Shillong in the north to Jaisalmer in the west. The Autumn 2012 Rickshaw Run set off yesterday on the journey of a lifetime, ready to face the trials and tribulations of the Indian roads. This is no mean feat. They will be dodging cows, potholes and a plethora of other obstacles in a chariot that has a somewhat temperamental nature. And all for the love of FRANK.

The teams will see first hand the effects of dirty water. Through their amazing fundraising efforts FRANK Water will be able to provide even more projects delivering clean water for rural communities in India. They have organised quiz and curry nights, sweepstakes, raffles and auctions. They have contacted long lost friends and family, put up posters in pubs and clubs, got their employers on board and are now tweeting and Facebooking their adventures as they go. They have already raised over £55k - a staggering amount. Whilst they are bumping their way west I'll be visiting a potential new project partner looking at delivering clean safe water for communities in Orissa. So while you are cruising the flat roads of Britain spare a thought for those that are bumping through India like peas on a drum.

To sponsor the winners of the FRANK Water Rickshaw Run competition - ShawFRANK Indirection - head here.