Our programmes

A woman drinks from a frank water tap

Our programmes are diverse and depend on multiple factors including how the water is contaminated, where the source is, what the terrain is like etc.  For some villages, we implement gravity fed systems where water runs down from a source at the top of the hill into a village where it’s stored and used. For others, we install rainwater harvesting units that capture and filter rainfall for household use.

However, all projects have a common purpose - to provide access to safe, clean drinking water and sanitation (toilets) to groups of people who need it. 

Our partners 

We work closely with and take advice from our in country NGO partners. The better we get to know them, the more we realise that the best organisations all have one thing in common: They don’t install anything. Instead, they help local people understand the issues and work out their own solutions. If it's needed, local tradespeople install the taps and toilets.  We provide our partners with funding, but we also help develop their skills, knowledge and capacity to improve and expand their work. We bring a global perspective to our partners, plus years of experience supporting water projects across India. We also recognise that we learn as much from our partners as they learn from us.

The people we work with

A tribal woman - she Lives in a village that frank water has been working with

The people we work with include those living in remote, rural or ‘hard to reach locations.’ Often, they are classified as scheduled tribe (ST) or scheduled caste (SC) or particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTG). They may not understand their rights – to water, sanitation, land or education – and have lived without state or central government assistance for generations. With its partners, FRANK Water supports communities to claim their rights, to apply for government funding and take ownership of their community, their health and development.


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