Karma Korma is FRANK Water’s flagship fundraising campaign.

It's a fun, sociable and straightforward way for organisations (companies, schools, churches, social and sports clubs) to raise money for FRANK Water. 

Every year, Karma Korma raises around £10,000 for safe water and sanitation. How? By asking people to serve up curry for safe water.

If you’re new to the Karma Korma club, it’s easy. This year, Karma Korma launches during National Curry Week (9-15th October) but you can choose any date to suit you and your guests! Gather together a group, ask each person to bring along their favourite Indian dish and enjoy! In exchange for a feast, ask every guest to make a donation to FRANK Water to help provide safe, clean drinking water to those without. Don't forget to let us know about your event so we can send you posters, how-to guides and more! 

Host your own Karma Korma event. Whether it's a Bollywood buffet or a Karma Korma Come Dine with Me, use it to return hospitality, catch up with friends, reunite family or even matchmake. Ask every guest to donate the price of a takeaway. 

Hold a Samosa sale! Buy a bulk batch of samosas or other goodies from a local deli or Indian store.  Sell them at breaktime and after school and donate profits to FRANK!   

Ask everyone to bring in their favourite Indian dish on a particular day. When lunchtime hits, stop work, serve up a feast and enjoy! Don't forget to make a donation! 

Click on the images below to download posters, logos and our Karma Korma Guide.