What's all the noise about?

Google analytics…SEO….Adwords...Site Extensions…Tag Manager…

Still with me?

Good. Because if this jumbled series of words resonates with you then you’ll want to hear what’s coming next. 

Imagine if you could speak to every single person who visited your website each day, find out the journey they’d taken to arrive there in the first place, what they were looking for, whether they found it and why they left.

It’s valuable stuff that kind of information – it helps you understand how you can give your web visitors the kind of experience that will make them do what you want them to do.  But with more than 10,000 visitors to the FRANK website every day, it’s safe to say our one-man comms team would have her work cut out.

Which is why Google Analytics is so important. It does all that for you. It tells you how people got there, when they left, what they did. It’s critical if like us, you want people to do stuff (donate, buy, sign up) when they reach your website, rather than bouncing straight off again.  

We’ve spent countless hours trying to work out exactly what does and doesn’t work. Does anyone read our blog? Who? How do we make sure people find what they’re looking for? Is there something that stops visitors buying a bottle/making a donation/signing up to the newsletter? Why do they fall at the last click?  

Enter Noisy Little Monkey…yep, that really is their name – the answer to your digital prayers.  This gang of creative, likeable and jaw-droppingly knowledgeable experts deal in all things SEO, analytics, design and more. 

We spent just a single afternoon with Nic, resident analytics expert at Noisy Little Monkey and came away brimming with knowledge, confidence and yes, enthusiasm for the one part of my job that has always felt just beyond my grasp.

Nic covered everything – with patience, clarity and insight. We ironed out wrinkles, answered questions, understood terms, created fabulously useful reports and practiced key actions.

No, we won’t be generating daily custom reports. But yes, we'll check in weekly to find out what’s gone down in the world of our website, let the team know which blogs have been most popular, find out how our social campaigns have performed and tweak our adword campaigns to ensure traffic is going where it should be.  Thanks to Noisy Little Monkey, Google Analytics is no longer a big, scary monster that lives under the bed but a digital marketing dream.