Who is FRANK?

Don’t look at me blank when I mention Frank,

Or think that I may be a bit of a crank,

You can fire your questions at me point-blank

And ask me about just who is Frank?

Is he a clerk who works in a bank,

Or is he a jokester who pulls a prank?

Perhaps he’s a soldier who drives a tank,

Or a pirate walking a galleon’s plank.

Was he Frankenstein first then shortened to Frank -

A monster from the dark and dank?

Some say he’s a bird – a spotted redshank,

Or the supporting actor to Tom Hanks,

A magic elf that shrank and shrank,

Or a constable of considerable rank.

He could be a convict in chains that clank,

Or a computer’s ID in a databank,

The name of a ship that sailed and sank,

Or a refillable bottle from which you drank.


c.2016 Martin Kiszko

Fresh from his role as Poet in Residence for Bristol Green Capital 2015 and dubbed the UK’s Green Poet, Martin Kiszko will put his literary talents to the test as FRANK Water's Poet In Residence for 2016!  

I’m looking forward to a wowfabsuperical and specstupentacular time writing poetry to round off FRANK Water’s amazing 10th anniversary year and kickstart the next! As FRANK continues the flow of safe clean water to vulnerable communities, I’ll be going with the flow too – but in a poetical way – watering the real and digital world with words and waxing lyrical about water through the power of poetry. Brilltastagorical!
— Martin Kiszko, Feb 2016