Are You Thirsty?

Are you thirsty?  Me too.

Imagine that instead of reaching for the tap or handing you a bottle of water I said to you…“ I understand your thirst and I will quench it – but I can’t tell you when. It could be in five minutes or five months, or five seconds, or in five years you can drink a whole swimming pool."

Would you be happy with that?

It’s pretty nice to have the security of a regular supply of water – wouldn’t you agree?

Now imagine you run a business, you make a product and take it to market; customers hear about it and see it and some of them buy it every day.  Not all, but enough of them buy your marvellous product – and the money they pay is like water that quenches your thirst – in this case enough money to pay your bills and allow you to make more product.

Now imagine you are trying to run a charity. Funding live-saving and life-enhancing work, paying skilled staff to manage the process and spread the word.  

In your charity, would you rather have funds ad hoc, sometimes a glut, sometimes a drought? Or would you rather have a steady flow of little and often.

Regular giving and direct debits have recently been given bad press – and some for good reason - but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water…

Regular giving is the oxygen that enables charities to breathe; and remember, we don’t exist to breathe… we breathe – so that we can exist.

With regular giving we can plan further ahead to make sure we distribute funds as wisely and effectively as possible. 

It’s a good way of making a small amount of money go a long way. Whether you can afford to give £3, £10 or £50 each month, the overall impact of your donation will be far greater if you make the same affordable donation on a regular basis.

It connects you – our supporters - to our work. By helping us grow sustainably, you become part of the FRANK Water team and you can be certain that you’ve played a critical role in our journey. We’ll make sure you’re kept informed on progress with regular updates and stories.

Lastly, water changes everything. It’s the first step to living and in regular, reliable amounts, enables futures to thrive. With a safe water supply, you can quench your thirst whenever you need to, allowing you to go to school, earn a living, feel safe, stay healthy and build a future.  

Change Lives with Taps & Toilets. Just Add Water