Not a race, more the experience of a lifetime...

With the exciting Bridge to Bridge swim fast approaching, we spoke to Jeremy Laming, one of the event organisers to get the inside story on what swimmers can expect... 

Q. Tell us a bit more about the Bridge to Bridge? 
A. The Bridge to Bridge is an iconic swim down the River Thames at the height of the "great" British Summer. 
Q. 14km sounds like a long way - is it as hard as it sounds? 
A. It's important to remember that the Bridge to Bridge ISN'T a race.  It's an unforgettable experience that will you leave wanting more. With four feeding stations along the way, there is a chance to rest and re-fuel before heading onto the next stage.  If you feel confident about swimming five kilometres (approximate distance between stations) then the Bridge to Bridge is well within your reach. 
Q. What can a first-time Bridge to Bridger expect? 
A. The Bridge to Bridge is a friendly, non competitive swim amidst some of Southern England's most beautiful scenery. Yes, it's challenging, but you'll swim with the stream all the way so certainly not impossible for a keen swimmer.

Q. What's the support like? 
A. As with all these events, safety is paramount to the success of the event. There are three main "waves" - slow, medium and fast and each wave has a team of kayakers as support for swimmers.  

Q. Is there food and water along the way or should I bring my own? 
A. At each stop, you'll get out of the water and refresh with water, fruit and other high energy snacks to keep you legs kicking and your arms moving till the next stop. 

Q. How is it different from other outdoor swim events? 
A. Bridge to Bridge is a unique event - you'll swim from the gorgeous regatta town of Henley to the equally picturesque Marlow.  It's a one-way swim so the scenery changes with every stroke.   

The Bridge to Bridge Swim takes place on Sunday 9th August. If you'd like to give it a go, then why not swim for safe water and bag one of FRANK Water's charity places. Contact for more information.