Phil tries for FRANK Water

Every year, as I encounter amazing FRANK Water fundraisers who swim, bike, run at the Bristol Triathlon I've said to myself that I would do it... NEXT year.

So now it is that year, and in my bedroom lies a wetsuit.  Labels on, and currently un-tried (see what I did there?!).  My first thought when I picked it up was "How the hell am I going to squeeze myself into that?".  But squeeze I will, and in two weeks me and my trusty wetsuit will be sampling the delights of Bristol Harbour as part of the annual Bristol Triathlon.

When I've mentioned the Tri to friends, they've looked slightly aghast when I've said I'm swimming in the harbour - its reputation for clean water isn't the best...but I'm reliably informed that this is rumour rather than fact.   

But for all the communities that FRANK Water work with, dirty water and its effects are something that the people we work with have to cope with on a daily basis.   

For me, on one day of the year, there is a slightly higher than average risk, so I am going to don that wetsuit (once I've worked out how to struggle in and out of it) and dive in. I'll be more worried about the imaginary sharks following me. 

You can show your support for me and my wetsuit here