Day Five: To beer or not to beer?

So, like a man struggling to finish a mountain stage of the Tour de France, I stagger to Friday.

Eyes heavy and brain weary.

In fairness, I was in the Miners Arms last night – drinking water – but was still there when the bell went. Surrounded by slightly swaying friends, glugging their real ale and giving me great tips on non-alcohol drinks and replacements for caffeine. Thanks guys!

This morning, a bowl of coffee beans covered in chocolate has appeared in the middle of our shared desk in the office. Sarika has brought them in – as a bridging gap to keep the troops going – but really it doesn’t cover over the general sense of boredom that seems to have come over us with our week of abstinence.

Three times this morning I’ve started walking towards the kettle – three times I’ve stopped short with a Homer Simpson “Doh!” and a sinking feeling.  Hunger building where the coffee, milk and sugar should be!

So the working week’s almost over and just two days to go. Just Saturday – a friend’s wedding; and Sunday – the day after a friend’s wedding.

To beer or not to beer? That is the question.

My stance has been stoic so far but he’s a very good friend and he’s over from New Zealand. Should I pay the forfeit?

If you’re in a similar weekend dilemma, let me know. If not, well done on your monastic determination.

Good luck for the weekend – keep that water flowing. #JoinJon and join the conversation