Day Seven – The Day of Rest

Well, I have to confess to a couple of short sharp shots last night.

The scene: a man, married earlier that day, relaxes with his friends and offers a toast. The friends, one and all, raise their glasses. It’s noticed that one of them is drinking a pint of clear liquid. A raucus debate ensues.

After much pushing and shouting a round of drinks are bought and pledges made to FRANK Water to compensate for the breaking of the man’s fast. Reluctantly. Well, initially reluctantly, I join on the toasts: “To the bride and groom!”

Before bed, I enthusiastically gulp down a pint of cool, clear water. My old friend, just what I need.

This morning, Sunday, the day started with another pint of water and a full breakfast for all. Water, today, is the perfect drink (excluding a Bloody Mary that is) and I slug from my FRANK Water bottle all the way back up the M5 home. Family packed into the car and snoring happily around me.

My mind wanders to the future and to my first coffee on Monday. Maybe I should just give it all up from now on. Then, I wearily remember that this week was about two things.

First, it was about raising awareness for the issues surrounding water. 91 million people in India don’t have any access to clean water. 1,400 children die each day from diarrheoa caused by unsafe water and sanitation. These are shocking facts that need to be addressed – that are being addressed by NGOs such as FRANK Water.

Second, it was about people in the UK giving up luxuries for a week. Compared to the issues at hand, not such a great sacrifice.

If you joined me this week, thank you.

If you didn’t, at least you read a blog or two and learnt a bit more about FRANK’s work.

Either way, awareness and word of mouth will help spread the message about the global water crisis and what we can do to redress it.

So, talk to someone about the water crisis if you can. Remember a couple of the key facts. Support NGOs that are working on these issues in whatever way you can.

If nothing else, come back next year and spend another week of abstinence with me: get ready to Re-join Jon soon!