Day Three, Hump Day

Join Jon - Hump Day 

Wednesday 6:00am. No alarm. A quite rustling in the bedroom.


On hearing the first noise, I open my eyes. On hearing the second, I try to remember if it’s my turn to get up. On hearing the third, I’ve realized it is my turn and start dreaming of coffee.

Today, I do all of these things – and then slump slightly on remembering I’m just halfway through Join Jon 

No coffee but we’re half way there. It’s Hump Day 

All week I’ve been just a bit off the pace and all the convincing myself that caffeine has no affect hasn’t worked.

It’s not psychosomatic. It does work.

There’s a food and drink rhythm to work. A biorhythm. I try to keep my rhythm high tempo but this week it’s been slightly slow. To be honest, slightly bored.

I spent 4 months in rural North Ghana once, drinking water from a well and once a month or so drinking home-made beer from a woman who made it in the next village. I wasn’t bored of water then – what’s happened to me?

Let’s admit it – I’ve become accustomed to living a life full of sensory overload. Of tastes from across the world and the finest produce available. 

But let’s lets also admit that the way I live, the way we all live in the UK, is based on others not living this way.

I can only drink coffee (and tea and wine and beer and…) because someone else can’t.

I did a footprint calculator today. It told me that:

We would need 1.87 planets if everyone lived your lifestyle We only have one.

If you think you’re living with less impact, take the test here

If you are less than one planet, write to me. If not, help me try to redress the balance of resources. If you can afford it, support our work.

Find out more about FRANK Water's work here 

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