Join Jon Day One – A Slow Day.

It was day one of my week on purely water yesterday.

It was a very slow start I have to say. No penetrating migraine, no tantrums and frustration boiling over.

Just a feeling of not being in top gear.

Of being the designated driver in my own life. Of there being an alternative me around somewhere that was buzzing away with new ideas and energetic exchanges, whist I wait around to take him home.

I didn’t miss the beer after work but, luckily, that’s not such a routine as the morning coffee. I’ll miss the beer more on Friday – when work’s done and it’s time to kick back.

One good thing about drinking just water is that it as made me think, about 20 times a day, about the decadence I normally live in.

The coffees for breakfast - washed down with a croissant or two. The pints of ale from my local pub and the glasses of wine from the half drunk bottles of red that hang around our kitchen.

All of it stopped. Just for a week. But that’s enough to give a glimpse of how fortunate I am to have the luxury to give up things in the first place. 

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