I've never drunk water

I’ve never drunk water. 

Not even when I was young and was thirsty playing. I’d drink milk, juice or ribena or nothing. In that order. Something about it seems neutral of all taste, a purely functional necessity for living.

Coffee however. I drink almost nothing else. Even at parties, I’ve started drinking rum coffee (black with sugar, lots of Sailor Jerry). At FRANK Water I drink a couple of cafetieres a day (white with sugar, generally Lavazza red label), which doesn’t seem that much over a day but it’s over the recommended and it does draw attention.

To mark World Water Week (1-7 Sept 2014), I’m going to drink nothing but water. Strangely, giving up alcohol doesn’t worry me too much. I’ve got a bit of a plan of occupying myself in the evenings to distract me. It’s only a week. Over Lent this year, Amy, my partner, gave up tea and sugar. 40 days (and 40 nights) – I’m doing 7. But I still have mild anxiety about it.

The first thing I’m going to do is make it a useful week’s experiment. I’m going to, within reason, keep a water diary. The UN recommends that people receiving development assistance are no more than 30 minutes walk from a hand pump. So I’m going to calculate how much water I would use in a week and then work out how many trips it would have taken me to carry that much water in a 20kg jerry-can from a UN pump to my house. And how long that would have taken me.

I’ll also be able to work out my water footprint. If there is such a thing. And from that, in some way, know a little more about how I’m impacting on the world.

Lastly, I’ll be highlighting some information about water and coffee. I feel like I should do the milk and sugar industries too but that may be for next time.

For now, here’s two films. One is from my good friend and top barista, Daisy Rollo’s visit to a coffee plantation in India. The second is the FRANK Water film. I hope you enjoy both.

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Jon. #JoinJon