FRANK Water's World Champion Triathlete

FRANK Friend James Bulley took part in the Triathlon World Championships over the weekend. Read how it went: Well the good news is I am the 4th fastest in the world at transitioning from swim to bike in a triathlon. All that hard work in the shower, soaking the stair carpet and freaking out the neighbours has paid off. Just one place from a medal if there was a event in this sole discipline. Unfortunately no-one has invented this as a single sport yet.

The other good news is that I came 20th in the world in my age group in the triathlon and Penny came in 21st in her race after fighting a niggling calf pain in the run up.

We were blown away by the support we had - we can’t tell you how amazing it was to have so many people we knew cheering us round the course. Thank you so much – we really appreciate it. And an enormous THANK YOU for all the donations to the FRANK Water charity. So far we have raised over £1,300 (with on-line and off-line donations) thanks to all your support, which is enough to supply clean safe drinking water to over 430 people!

And finally a thank you to our army of amateur coaches. It is incredible the amount of advice you can get. I won’t name you all – you know who you are. If anyone out there is thinking of doing triathlons in the future there are a three bits of advice I would like to share:

  • ·         A pint of beetroot juice a day for six days is supposed to increase your endurance. The fact is, frankly it’s disgusting and no-one should try this unless your stomach is lined with a non-corrosive material.
  • ·         If you want to train in a short pool at your villa whilst on holiday don’t try tying elastic bands to your feet attached to the pool ladder. You will most certainly drown.
  • ·        Make sure you arrive at a race with plenty of time to sort your kit. There is nothing more embarrassing than getting in the water wearing your bike helmet (yes I actually watched someone do this at Eton Dorney).

Many, many thanks to you all