World Water Week 2013- a look ahead

This year, FRANK Water is travelling to Stockholm for World Water Week, the annual conference that provides a focus point for world water issues. The conference brings together charities, researchers, businesses and governments to discuss the world’s most pressing water challenges. The conference takes place over six days from 1-6 September, and this year the theme is water cooperation. Check out the programme here: Founded in 2005, FRANK Water has eight years of experience working on safe drinking water. In that time, we’ve learnt a great deal about delivering safe drinking water to rural communities, particularly in India. We’ve developed our organisational capacity, built up strong partnerships, and funded over 100 projects. This seems like a good time to pause and not only reflect on what we’ve achieved, but explore how we can share what we’ve learnt with others and engage more with the wider water sector to see how we can develop our work further.

To this end, our Projects and Development Coordinator, Sarika Seshadri will be taking part in the World Water Week activities. Throughout the week she’ll be blogging here about issues that resonate with the work that we do. In particular, she’ll be on the lookout for new approaches to selecting appropriate technology, addressing difficult water quality issues, strengthening institutions to manage water systems sustainably and equitably, and monitoring and evaluation. She’ll also be sharing the latest updates from the conference on Twitter. Follow us on @frankwater and let us know if you’re at the conference and what you think!