Fundraising the imaginative way

My fundraising trip took place in Novemember 2009 and consisted of a canoe descent of the river Spey from Newtonmore to the sea near Buckie, followed by a unicycle trip back along the Speyside way to Aviemore.
For the first leg of my adventure, the 4 day river descent, I was joined by a fellow paddler making for a much easier trip downriver. All was going well with few to no problems along the way until day four, the final leg. After heavy rain in the night the river was flowing at spate and after boldly jumping back on regardless within seconds we found ourselves swimming with the boat upside down beside us. After swimming for what felt like miles (in reality was probably less than 1 mile) we finally managed to get ourselves and the boat safely onto the river bank (losing only one paddle in the process). After much shivering, jumping around and frantically trying to get into dry clothes, we decided that was quite enough daring for one day and reluctantly rang for a lift home. I later returned with a different paddling companion and in lower water to finish what I had started.
After a night in my own bed it was time to start my 3 day unicycle journey, this time joined on foot by a friend willing to trudge along side me carrying both of our provisions for 2 nights camping. The only problem being that I was in the wrong town, Grantown-on-Spey instead of Buckie, so the following 3 days didn't quite follow in the most logical order. Instead I went from Grantown - Aviemore then got the bus back, had a second night in Grantown before following on again in the opposite direction to the previous day and towards Buckie. All 3 days followed without any further hitches other than the expected wet and slightly chilly weather you expect in the Scottish highlands in November. It was dark most nights when I finished and remember getting a few odd looks and quirky comments along my way, one gentleman even said that at first glance he thought I'd pinched the wheel of someone else's bike and was doing a runner with it much to my amusement.
All in all it was an enjoyable, if not slightly damp and physically demanding few days but all for a good cause and I raised somewhere in the region of £500 for frank water279 273.