Turn off the tap for World Water Day

To mark World Water Day, we've invited UK based bathroom company and FRANK Water supporters, Bathshop321 to fill us in on their annual Water Usage Survey that highlights how easy it is to take clean water for granted. And they tell us why they've chosen to support FRANK Water and Karma Korma this month. Access to clean water and sanitation is a right that everybody should be entitled to, yet there are still an estimated 894 million people that currently don’t have access to improved water sources.

The situation can seem daunting, but that shouldn’t put people off getting involved. Although providing permanent access to fresh water sources can be a significant task, there are ways and means which can help to make big differences.

World Water Day

World Water Day is a global awareness day that occurs annually on March 22nd, and is a great opportunity for people to support water campaigns.

Closer to home we can take water for granted, as it can be as easy as turning on a tap. In the US, there is approximately 1.25 trillion gallons of water wasted each year (via Environmental Protection Agency), and households in the UK are often wasting copious amounts too. During a water usage survey we carried out, we found that some people spend more than 20 minutes in the shower, which can lead to huge water wastage on a regular basis.

In countries with diminished water supplies, this kind of wastage is unfathomable.  Millions of women and children have to spend several hours per day walking to collect water from often polluted sources. For the people who need it most, access to clean water and sanitation is something that could be achieved, but it requires wider help and support. The theme for World Water Day 2013 is ‘Water Cooperation’, and through the cooperation between communities, countries, and individuals, fresh water could be made available to the people who need it most.

Karma Korma

One of the reasons we at Bathshop321 wanted to support FRANK Water this World Water Day is that they do things a little differently. Through the use of innovative technology, fresh water can be provided to areas and communities that need it most, without building water pumps or wells.

Karma Korma for World Water Day is a great example of a fundraising campaign which is fun and easy to get involved with, while also helping to make a huge difference.

Get involved this World Water Day by visiting: http://www.frankwater.com/karma-korma/