The ShawFRANK Indirection blog: part II - fundraising tips...

Our official Rickshaw Run team, ShawFRANK Indirection have raised over £6000 so far - and here's how they did it (check out the photographic evidence here ) Top 10 Tips for Fundraising

1. Choose your team well

By this I don’t just mean finding people that you get along with and who are just as suicidal as you are. We found, completely by accident, that it’s a good idea to have your team scattered as liberally about the globe in much the same way as your concern of dying is scattered to the wind. With this, there are far more people that you can lean on (heavily) to cough up dosh without them all bumping into each other and saying “I can’t be arsed with that online thing – we’ll just turn up to their collective goodbye party and wish them well, that’ll be good enough”

2. Get on social media

You will need a JustGiving page – easy to set up and then pretty much manages itself! Facebook, aside from being a good place to read about the tedious minutiae of your “friends’” lives, is a powerful tool for reaching loads of people all at once. Annoy everyone in your “friends” list with constant updates about how terrifying your life is soon to be. Tweet them on twitter; space them on MySpace; and make links to everything you can find on YouTube (whether or not it has anything to do with rickshaws or India). If uptake is slow – do more and do it more frequently

3. Hound people on social media

Do step 2 again….but with more apps involved. Use the “announce” feature on facebook, put up adverts and hack your best mate’s account so that they post everything you’re posting if just for an hour.

4. Get people you know to hound others on social media

Get your whole team to tweet, book, space and tube the interweb. Coerce work colleagues to splatter your messages over work social media (eg. Yammer). Send messages everywhere you can.

5. Get your work involved

Talk about what you’re about to do relentlessly. Take a break from your 9-5 work and ride the lifts with a similarly bored colleague and talk about the rickshaw run loudly all the while dropping URL addresses to your just giving page. Promise to show them all incriminating photos of stupidity upon your return. If you are part of an international business, beg your jet-setting colleagues shamelessly to give you their foreign exchange.

6. Get your family involved

They’re family so therefore they work for you – and for free! Get them to talk about what you’re doing among their circle of friends. You widen the pool and, especially if your siblings have better jobs than you, this can pay off handsomely. Employing parents is similar to employing siblings although there is likely to be a greater emotional cost involved. These people love you unconditionally so they can collect money on your behalf from their networks – these are often richer than yours too.

7. Get some sort of official sponsor

Again, widen the net of unsuspecting donors. For us, it was the café down the road (The Bucket Café – Perth CBD) that decided to help us and they did so very simply: all they did was to stick a collection tin next to their water station! They also whacked on an extra 50-cents to the price of their bottled water and donated that to the tin. Just by doing this they raised in excess of $100.

8. Hold a curry night / quiz night

This is where the big money is and it was quite easy to do. All we did was to charge a door price of $80/pp whilst agreeing with a local curry house to host the night for $55/pp (all you can eat/drink). You then just have to get 70 of your closest friends through the door and you’ve made the charity $1750! People seemed to enjoy the bollywood dance videos too (though more so after a few beers).

9. Do a raffle / competition

People love to win stuff…even if it is sh*t. This is what made us do a couple of these fine events. We had a raffle that donated prizes from local businesses (theatre tickets, massage vouchers, SatNavs, recycled golf-balls etc) and tied it in with the curry/quiz night. We also hosted a competition whereby the winner (drawn at random) won the dubious honour of having a picture of themselves duct-taped to the rickshaw for the duration of the trip!

10. If all else fails, do a chicken dance

Speaks for itself really – 3mins work for $450! Seriously….