World Water Week: A message from FRANK Water's founder, Katie...

It's World Water Week 2012, a great opportunity to reflect on what we've achieved so far and highlight projects that we need your support to deliver in the next year! FRANK Water began only 7 years ago (as a social enterprise); it was the result of many years of questioning how I could be part of the solution and encourage others to make a difference to the lives of so many who didn't have access to clean, safe drinking water.

Through your support, we've now funded over 82 community clean water projects in rural India; providing guaranteed, clean, safe drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people.

On a recent visit to some of our project villages in April of this year, I was lucky enough to inaugurate a clean water project in the village of Poreddi Pally (Andhra Pradesh), after the formal blessing and opening of the project, the community were asked if they wanted to say anything... one elderly gentleman came to the front and described his absolute joy at the critical difference access to clean water will have on his family and the community's life. He started to break down in tears and struggled to keep standing - it's moments like these that remind me of the importance of our work and give us passion for this essential, life giving cause - clean water.

Keep your eye on our website this week for exciting news about our work, developments and even our new short movies!

Thank you for your support.