World Water Week: A day in the life of our project manager, Harmeet...

As FRANK Water’s Project Manager, my role is to provide a bridge between our work in the UK and our safe water projects in India, so that means a lot of Skypeing with India! Like most people, the first thing I do is to check my emails which could range from project updates from our partners in India, to enquiries about putting in new projects in areas, or even countries, we haven’t worked in before. We get a lot of emails about new projects and at the moment our focus is on working in India. Longer term we’ll look at other countries because having access to safe water is very much a worldwide need.

Each day is varied. It’s important to keep track of how the projects are progressing  (through emails and skype) so that we always have a direct line of sight to what is happening on the ground and what stage each project is at. Not all projects are straightforward and there can sometimes be delays, such as with the renovation or construction of the project building for example and it’s important that this is communicated to our funders as soon as possible.

We’re currently looking for new partners to work with in India, which is exciting because it gives us an opportunity to work in different regions across the country, with potentially different ways of providing safe water. We’re working through an application process with potential partners and this will ultimately lead to a field visit, which will give us a chance to take a close look at their work.

We carry out field visits twice a year to India and there’s a team leaving in just a couple of weeks, so we’re in the final stages of planning and briefing for that. The team will send over regular updates, pictures and case studies whilst they’re away so watch this space for more information.