Rickshaw Runners and their experience with water in India

We're lucky to have the support of some crazy people, who put themselves into a rickshaw and hurtle across India in aid of FRANK! The Adventurists Spring Rickshaw Run  raised a whopping £63,535.11 which will go towards providing those in need with clean, safe water. A massive FRANK-you to all the Rickshaw Runners for being part of the solution. One team, the G&T Racers wrote about their own experience with water whilst in India:

"What did shock and perturb us was actually the reason we were there. The FRANK WATER PROJECTS was the charity chosen in India to receive our donations. Each team had to raise a minimum £1000 for charity, £500 of which would go to Frank Water. (Albeit to date we actually raised £1020 for FW alone) As most of you know we also chose the Alzheimer's society as our main charity receiver. We would not change that for the world. The guys at the Alzheimer's Society do a splendid job and they deserve all the money they can get. (to date - £3600+) But what we did become aware of was how much help India still needs. The water situation out there is still dire. the quality of the water, the origins of the water and the amount of times the water is recycled without being cleaned or filtered is really depressing. People are still dying in India as a result of contaminated water. It was common to see what we thought were albinos but they were not, they had in fact been poisoned and their skin disorder is actually a result of metal poisoning due to mining and or poor quality water abstraction. All we know is that when we told people in India what we were doing and why we were doing it they rejoiced and tried to hand us money, it wasn't until we arrived in Darjeeling one man in particular shook each of our hands and tried to thrust 100 Rupees in our pockets, his words of thanks literally brought tears to our eyes. He could not comprehend why someone from one country would want to raise money and travel to another mans country to help out people we didn't know or would have no direct benefit from. He compared us to latter day saints. Far from what our mothers call us, of this you can be sure, but at that moment we promised each other that we would champion the Frank Water Project as their efforts have such a hugh impact on the lives of people in India. If I could ask you one last thing it would be - Please if you could spare even £1 please, please give that one pound to the Frank Water Project via - HERE. having seen the faces of the children who will benefit from the money I can hand on my heart say its worth every penny."

Thank you so much for your support, G&T Racers and hope you have enjoyed a nice gin and tonic on finishing a crazy adventure!