#6 hours

This World Water Day, will you give the gift of time?

Across the world, women and girls spend up to six hours a day finding, carrying and making water safe to drink. That’s six hours they could use to work and earn money, go to school, meet up with their friends or spend time with their family.

For World Water Day 2019, we’ve launched the #6 hours campaign. Championed by our Patron, broadcaster Anita Rani, we’re asking you to tell us what you’d miss AND to help us raise £10,000 - enough to provide safe, clean drinking water to nearly 1000 women and girls in India and Nepal.

Thanks to our partners Blue Sky Botanics and the Hemraj Goyal Foundation, the first £5,000 of donations will be doubled, making your gift twice as important.

Add your voice!

  • Join Anita Rani and share what YOU would miss if you had to spend six hours a day collecting water.

  • Film yourself, saying what you'd go without or have to skip with six hours less in your day. It can be as simple as reading to your children or watching your favourite Netflix show. Or as important as earning a living or studying for your exams.

  • Start with: “If I had to spend six hours a day collecting/fetching water, I’d miss.......”

  • And finish with a question: “What would you miss?”

  • Share it on your own social media channels today and over the next week. Tag FRANK Water and use the hashtag #6hours.

  • Don't forget to nominate someone else to share what they would miss! Once you've posted, head to our website and make a donation or text WATR19 £10 to 70070 to give the gift of time to women and girls across India and Nepal.


The #6 hours campaign is supported by Blue Sky Botanics and the Hemraj Goyal Foundation