#6 hours

This World Water Day, will you give the gift of time?

Across the world, women and girls spend up to six hours a day finding, carrying and making water safe to drink. That’s six hours that they could spend working, going to school, talking to friends or spending time with their family. Watch our film to find out more.

Get Involved in FRANK Water’s #6 hours campaign

This World Water Day, we’re asking you to help us raise £10,000 - enough to provide safe drinking water, a clean toilet and good hygiene for almost 1000 women and girls.

  • We’re asking YOU to tell us what you would miss if you had to spend six hours a day collecting water.

  • Post a picture or a video to Instagram telling us what you’d go without.

  • Don’t forget to tag FRANK Water and use the hashtag #6hours.

  • Once you’ve posted, head to our donation page and give the gift of time. It costs just £11 to provide one person with a lifetime of safe water, sanitation and good hygiene.