1. Set a date and time. Stick up posters in the canteen, staff room, toilets, communal areas. Send an email invitation to your colleagues, friends, schoolmates, fellow club members, congregations... 

2. Elect a cooking committee or...ask everyone to bring a dish - it's worth allocating starters, mains, side dishes and desserts to make sure you don't get stuck with 25 chicken tikka masalas. Try out one or more of the fabulous Karma Korma recipes below, donated by top chefs and and food writers! 

3.  Tweet, post, talk about the event to make sure you get as many guests as possible.  A week or so before the event, send out reminders. 

4. On the day – have napkins, plates, cutlery and glasses at the ready. Put up posters and decorate your venue.  Make sure there are plenty of Karma Korma collection boxes around the room for people to make a donation. Have a team of washers-up on standby for afterwards! 



5. Take photos and video if you can, and post to Facebook (frankwatercharity), Twitter (@frankwater #karmakorma) and Instagram (@frank_water_charity) 

6. Pay in your donations! 

ONLINE - Set up your own fundraising page OR pay in your cash donations at justgiving.com/frankwaterprojects

BY POST: If you're a UK tax payer, please fill out and enclose a gift aid form with a cheque made payable to FRANK Water Projects and send to 11 Elmdale Road, Bristol, BS8 1SL. Make sure you enclose your name and address so we can say thank you!