Karma Korma through the Years! 

Karma Korma Supporters Share their stories... Read on for inspiration and Ideas!  


Karma Korma At Home..

"We decided that it would be much easier if we teamed up with our great friends who also have a passion for India, Indian food and FRANK Water. We went to our favourite Indian restaurant in Bath, Temptation, to make plans and get inspired, deciding on a menu of old favourites and a couple of brand new dishes to keep things exciting (lamb chilli curry as eaten by hunters in Rajasthan (a Rick Stein recipe). Sue made beautiful invitations and we invited 12 people to join us for a feast on a cold dark January night, suggesting a donation of £15 per person via our justgiving page and to bring their own drinks. We aimed to raise £180 and got £185 in the end. John put some Bollywood film trailers on his laptop and played them through his projector onto the wall giving us a really great atmosphere to eat our delicious feast. All our friends were so impressed and can't wait for the next Karma Korma dinner!" 

Tara & John, 2016


Karma Korma At Work

"This year, we organised a Karma Korma event which was co-ordinated across Arup offices in Africa, Europe and across the UK. From Cardiff to Cape Town, over 100 employees took part in the lunchtime event which involved bringing and sharing Indian food to eat with colleagues, combined with a presentation over skype which gave some background to the important work FRANK do in India and Nepal, and the partnership we have with them. As well as the lunchtime offering, different offices had other ideas to raise money throughout the day, including an Indian themed bake sale, and chai tea bags on offer at tea points. In total we raised over £800 for FRANK Water, which was boosted by match funding from Arup, and had a sociable and informative event which everyone enjoyed! It took a bit of organisation but having all the offices joined up made everyone feel a lot closer." 

Steven, Arup, 2016   


Karma Korma...for a Crowd! 

"We organised our first Karma Korma event in 2013 at our home in the French Alps, where there is a sizeable English community who miss being able to get good curry regularly, so we already knew we had a captive audience! 
We invited friends and as word spread, had to get people to ‘book in’ for a particular time slot to fit everyone in our small flat! It ended up being an all day affair, with curry being served from midday until about 9pm, and to our surprise around 70 people being fed!  By now we had got a loyal following of curry eaters, with Karma Korma becoming an event that people looked forward to each year. For the last 2 years, another friend who runs a bar allowed us to take over the kitchen for an afternoon and evening, which has proved a great success and allowed us to feed even more people…up to 140ish in April 2016.  
We run a festival catering stall called The Curry Shed, so my husband Shep is used to cooking curry in large quantities, but the other great thing about doing this event each year is that it became very much a community effort, with lots of good friends getting involved with prepping, cooking, serving food and of course the washing up! People come because they love to eat curry and the fact that it is a charity event is a bonus!  Over our 4 years of hosting our ‘Karma Korma in the Alps’, we are proud to have raised over £4000, which we know that through FRANK has gone a long way to providing clean water to people who really need it." 

Nat & Shep, 2013