World Water Day Appeal 2023

World Water Day Appeal 2023

Water for Generations

Thanks to your incredible generosity, our appeal has raised £26,264 !


This week, midday 17 March to midday 24 March 2023, we are asking you to donate to our Water for Generations appeal and have your donation doubled by our amazing supporters Blue Sky Botanics and Apacor, as well as two extraordinary philanthropists.

Your donation will not only provide water for life for one person, it will also ensure their children, grandchildren and generations to come have accessible safe water.

We are aiming to raise £26,000 during the Appeal and will regularly post on our social media pages to keep our supporters up to date with our appeal progress. So make sure you follow us online!

How your donation will help

Your donation will enable us to provide clean water to families in India and Nepal. It will also help us facilitate long term healthier habits, with decent sanitation and good hygiene. Generations of families will feel the benefits of better health and more time to learn, earn money or grow nutritious food.

£36 can change the life of a grandmother, mother and child by freeing them from the back breaking burden of collecting water every day.

£100 can pay for workshops about periods and sanitary towels, helping girls avoid stigma and shame and stay in school for longer.

£200 can teach communities about washing with soap and water, and the importance of using toilets to drastically reduce disease and illness.

To mark this year’s World Water Day, some incredible Frank Water supporters have pledged offered to double any donation made to our Water for Generations appeal. This means that together we have a chance to reach twice as many people. To bring clean water and sanitation to twice as many communities. To transform twice as many lives, and the lives of their future generations,  forever – the lives of people like Gaura who our CEO, Katie, met when she visited Madhya Pradesh.

How we work

Gaura is a grandmother in her 70’s. She remembers years of drudgery as a young woman as she touches the top of her head and grimaces as she talks of carrying big pots of water on her head, saying that for years she had a large bald patch there.

Gaura’s daughter in law took on the chore of collecting water when she married Gaura’s son and moved to the village. Gaura felt guilty passing on the drudgery as she watched her return from the well carrying a pot of water on her head and her baby on the hip. The last few dry seasons have been severe, taking four or five visits to the well to collect enough essential water for the growing family. 

She was so worried about the future and the worsening situation and imagined her granddaughters having to shoulder the ever growing burden of water collection and threatening fluorosis, attacking their teeth and joints. 

She spent a lot of time worrying about the future of her grandchildren.

This year, for the first time, things are different.

Since Frank Water’s support, in partnership with local partners and the community, they’ve found safer, fluoride free sources of water to drink through scientific testing and hydrology.  They’ve had support to leverage funds from the government to dig over 15 recharge pits and ensure that the groundwater is replenished each monsoon, reducing the fluoride levels and raising the availability of water across the area.

Water now comes to a number of taps fed from a protected well on the edge of the village. Enough for drinking, cooking and washing her grandchildren.

World Water Day: To read Frank Water’s Head of Programmes, Jon Shepherd‘s thoughts on World Water Day and why this year is so special, head to his thought piece here

Hear from our supporters

“If clean water is a reality, so much more becomes possible”

“After hearing a Frank Water appeal on the radio, I was struck by how much people’s lives are improved with accessible clean water. The health of the community improves and there is time for education. I have supported since then, and feel more involved with Frank Water’s work than some of the other, larger charities I have supported.

I hope that my grandchildren will see the world around them and be aware of the lives that others lead.”

Comments from one of our match funders, who is supporting this appeal to give other children more opportunities as they are released from the burdens that come with water scarcity.

“I don’t really like the word charity, for me it’s about sharing”
“Visiting India changed my perspective of what I need for a happy life. I have more than enough in my retirement, so I share what I have spare with Frank Water. Whilst in India, I experienced the perils of unsafe water, and would not wish for any child to live with fear of illness every day.”

Words from one of our committed regular givers, whose support means that we can work in rural villages to deliver sustainable, safe water for families.

“We will be changing twice as many lives”
“We are supporting Frank Water’s ‘Water for Generations appeal’ this WWD because we know that the funds raised will not just make a difference now, but for many generations to come.” 

Words from one of our committed Rainmaker Corporate Supporters, and World Water Day Pledge Funder, Blue Sky Botanics

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Thank You for supporting Frank Water’s, Water for Generations, World Water Day Appeal, 2023

Frequently asked questions

What is match funding?

Match funding doubles the good things that your donation can make happen. We have asked two of our corporate partners and two philanthropists to match any donations made by others during the week of this appeal, and they have agreed to do this up to a total of £13,000. This means we can potentially raise £26,000 this week, which will have an enormous impact for the people we work with.

How will my money be spent?

The funding will help us to keep families safe from disease and ensure that the hardest to reach communities have a sustainable, supply of safe, clean water. In addition to this, our work boosts local biodiversity and protects the vital water sources that are under threat due to the impact of the climate crisis.

How much of my donation is used for charity administration?

For every £1 you give, 79p is spent on delivering safe water, decent sanitation and good hygiene to communities. 21p is spent on fundraising costs, so we can reach more people in the future. 

How do you know that the water supplies will last for generations?

International water aid has come a long way since the installation of pumps by teams from other countries. Our projects are community-owned and community-led, with a forward looking water security plan. The solutions we recommend tend to be nature-based, rather than engineered, meaning that they are easy to maintain and protect the watershed for the long term.