World Water Day Appeal 2022

World Water Day Appeal 2022

Thank you! 

A huge and heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who donated, shared and supported our World Water Day Appeal.

Together, we’ve reached…and exceeded our target, raising an incredible £25,272 in just seven days.

That’s enough to provide 2,106 people with safe, clean water, for life.

World Water Day 2022 asks us to consider groundwater. Hidden below the earth in natural storage containers called aquifers, groundwater is invisible, yet it accounts for nearly half of the world’s drinking water.

Climate change, rapid increases in economic activity and the ever growing number of people in the world means that groundwater stores are shrinking fast. Taking out more than we put in creates a negative water balance.

With your support, Frank Water is changing this. Together, we’re making the invisible, visible.

This World Water Day, help us raise £22,500 to replenish groundwater levels and build a water-secure future for 1875 people.

The World Water Day Appeal runs from midday, 17th March to midday 24 March.

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